Sex & Mischief Playing Cards

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  • 52 playing cards with a different, sexy S&M image on every single card - game night has just become more erotic.
  • A perfect impulse purchase.
  • Includes: 1 deck of 52 cards
  • Ingredients: 100% paper stock


Sexy Card Games: Sexy card games are some of the easiest to play, because all you need is a deck of Sex&Mischief cards and a little imagination! If you are already a card player, or were when you were a kid, then all you have to do is take those games that you are familiar with, add some new sexy rules, favors, penalties, etc., and Voila! You have an original sexy card game. Rummy, Crazy Eights, Skip Bo! Poker and Whist are just some of the games that you can re-create. Creating your own sexy card games is fun and will give you a sense of accomplishment. Imagine playing a fun and sexy game – that you created yourself! Even better, get your partner to help you make up the rules. Create it together, then play it together. Sexy favors and treats can be whatever you want them to be for your sexy card games. What do you want your partner to do to you? What do you want to do to them? What do you want to do WITH them? Even the penalties can be fun. You can play strip games, where the loser has to remove an item of clothing. Or perhaps you want them to have to do something to or for the winner. Why not incorporate a set of sex dice, and the winner gets to roll them to find out what the loser gets to do to them! We’ve created some sexy card games based on some common (and not-so-common) games for you, if you don’t feel like creating your own or if you want to get ideas for your own.

Sexy Eights ▪ Each player writes out a favorite sexy treat (particular sex position, fantasy, etc.) ▪ One standard deck of 52 playing cards (no jokers) ▪ 1 set of sexy dice (you can make your own sexy dice) ▪ Card rank does not matter ▪ Players draw card to see who deals – lowest card is dealer ▪ Deal 7 cards to each player ▪ The rest of the cards go face down in a pile, with the top card turned over and set beside the pile – this will be the discard pile Goal of the Game: ▪ To run out of cards first and get a sexy treat of your choice ▪ To play 8′s whenever you can and get to give a sexy treat Keeping Score: ▪ When the first person plays their last card and ends the round, the other person must add up the points for the cards left in their hand ▪ 8′s are worth 50 points, face cards are worth 10 and all other cards are at face value (5 is five points, 10 is ten points, etc.) ▪ The game ends when one person reaches 50 points ▪ The person with the least amount of points wins and gets their sexy treat ▪ 8′s are special or “crazy” – when you are able to play an 8, then you get to roll the dice and perform the sexy action on the other person! How to Play: ▪ Cards are played onto the discard pile, one card per turn ▪ You can play a card that is the same suit or the same number as the card on the top of the discard pile
- example: the card on top is a 7 of hearts. You can play a 7 of one of the other three suits, or any card that is a heart ▪ 8′s not only get a roll of the sexy dice, but the person who plays the 8 can change the suit if they wish ▪ If you do not have a card in your hand that you can play when your turn comes, you must draw one from the stock pile. If it is a legal play (the same suit or number) then you can play it during the same turn ▪ If the card you draw is not a legal play, then the turn goes on to the next person ▪ The round ends when you play your last card – the other person then has to add up their points The first person to reach 50 points ends the game, and the person with the LEAST amount of points is the winner.

Whist Me a Wish Setting Up: ▪ Deck of 52 regular playing cards ▪ Players choose a dealer, who deals out 13 cards to each person ▪ The rest of the cards go in a pile, face down ▪ The dealer flips over the top card and places it face up on top of the pile – this is the trump suit for the entire hand (don’t forget it – you might want to write it down so you remember during the entire hand, as this card will “disappear”) ▪ Non-dealer starts the play ▪ Cards go from 2 (low) to Ace (high) ▪ Each person has a sexy wish list
- One piece of paper
- One pen or pencil
- Cut “tabs” in the paper to write the wishes on so they can be torn off easily afterward Goal of the Game: ▪ To win as many tricks as you can so that you get to ▪ Write down as many of your own sexy wishes as you can so that you ▪ Have a good chance of drawing your own sexy wish at the end of the game! Keeping Score: ▪ There is no real “score”, but it is highly beneficial to win as many tricks as you can! How to Play: ▪ The non-dealer starts the play ▪ The suit of the card that is face up is trump for the entire hand – it takes or beats any card of any other suit, no matter how high the card is ▪ Player 1 plays any card they wish – lay it out in the middle, face up ▪ Player 2 then has to play the same suit as what player 1 played (but any number or face) ▪ If you don’t have the same suit, then you can play any card you wish, including the trump suit ▪ If trump is played, then the highest trump takes the trick ▪ If trump is NOT played, then the highest card of the first suit played takes the trick ▪ Whoever takes the trick sets the cards in front of them and writes a sexy wish on their wish list tab ▪ Whoever takes the trick also takes the card that is face up on the pile ▪ The “loser” takes the next card in the pile ▪ The third card in the pile is then turned face up ▪ The game continues like this until the pile is gone and 13 tricks have been played ▪ The goal here is to determine if the card that is face up is better than the card underneath it (that you can’t see). If it is a low number, and not trump, then you want to try and lose the trick by playing a low, non-trump card. If it is average, say a high number but not the trump suit, then it wouldn’t hurt to win it, but you would not want to play a high card to win that trick (you don’t want to spend a high card to get an average one). ▪ Once the pile of cards is gone, then the play is continued as before, except you don’t pick up another card from the pile ▪ The player to win the trick again writes down a wish on their sexy wish list ▪ When the last round is played and the last trick is won, then you each count up how many tricks you have in front of you (count the number of cards and divide by two) ▪ The player with the most tricks gets to add two more wishes to their wish list ▪ Each wish is then torn off the wish list (tear the tabs off the paper), folded and put into a bowl ▪ Mix the pieces of paper well, then the person with the LEAST tricks gets to draw one out of the bowl That wish is your sexy activity for the evening

Kissing Royals Based on “Slap Jack”, this game is a good foreplay game with lots of fun kissing. Grab a deck of cards and get ready for some sexy fun! Setting Up: ▪ One deck of 52 regular playing cards ▪ Designate a slap spot – place a piece of paper there to mark it ▪ Agree on a kissing length – the amount of time the kiss is to be (15 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.) Goal of the Game: ▪ To be the first to slap the designated spot when any royal card is revealed Keeping Score: ▪ Whoever slaps the spot first when a royal card is displayed gets a kiss from the other player – and gets to choose where the kiss goes! How to Play: ▪ Dealer is chosen ▪ All cards are dealt out to both players (26 cards each) ▪ The middle area is the discard pile ▪ Players take turns flipping over a card from their hand, turning the card away from them when they do so ▪ When a royal card is revealed (King, Queen or Jack) the first person to slap the spot wins and gets a kiss where they choose The card is left on the discard pile, and the next player flips over one of theirs

Dirty-Talking Spades Based on Two Handed Spades or Honeymoon Spades, this is another game that involves taking tricks – and talking dirty! While no sexy treat is involved for the winner, just see if you can finish this game without a sexy romp! Setting Up: ▪ One deck of 52 regular playing cards, minus the jokers ▪ Prepare your dirty-talking vocabulary! ▪ Spades are trump and take all ▪ Spades must be played with a dirty phrase (i.e.: I want to take your balls into my hot mouth, I like to feel your hot wetness against my cock, etc.) Goal of the Game: ▪ To build up a good hand and ▪ To win the most tricks Keeping Score: ▪ The person with the best out of three hands wins How to Play: ▪ Each person cuts the deck, the highest card starts ▪ Cards are placed face-down in a pile ▪ Player 1 draws a card from the pile – they now must choose to keep this card and discard the next, or to discard this card and keep the next ▪ You cannot look at both cards, you must make your decision based only on this first card ▪ Things to consider: spades always takes the trick over other suits – always keep spades
high cards of non-trump may be good if you have other low cards in that same suit (Ace, King, Queen) ▪ Once Player 1 has decided, Player 2 now does the same ▪ Play continues back and forth like this until each player has a hand of 13 cards ▪ Once the hands have been drawn, the game begins and the tricks are played ▪ Player 1 starts the first trick as well ▪ Player 2 must follow suit (play the same suit) – if they don’t have that suit, trump may be played instead ▪ Spades (trump) can only be played if you say a dirty phrase! If no dirty phrase is said, then your trump counts for nothing and the trick goes to the other player ▪ The highest trump takes the trick, or the highest of the starting suit if trump is not played ▪ The object is to win at least 7 tricks (more than half of 13) ▪ Once a player has won 7 tricks the round ends and Player 2 starts the new round ▪ Cards are shuffled, and you again build your 13-card hands ▪ Play is continued as before for a total of 3 rounds Whoever wins the most of those three rounds is the winner of the game

Sexy Gin Rummy You’ve probably heard of the card game Gin Rummy – but have you ever played the sexy version of it? Setting Up: ▪ One standard deck of 52 cards (no jokers) ▪ Cards rank Ace (low) up to King (high) ▪ Each player writes out 5 sexy favors (lick nipples, suck fingers, French kiss, lick ear lobes, etc.) – keep the favors mild, think of foreplay ▪ Each player writes down one major favor (a sex position, fantasy, role-play, etc.) ▪ Each player draws a card to see who deals – lowest card is the dealer ▪ Deal 10 cards to each player ▪ One card is laid face up – this is the discard pile ▪ The rest of the cards are laid face down beside the discard pile – this is the stock pile ▪ Play commences with the non-dealer Goal of the Game: ▪ To acquire sexy favors and points by being the first to run out of cards – this is done by laying down sets and runs ▪ Sets: 3 or more of one number (three 7′s, 4 Kings, etc.) ▪ Runs: 3 or more consecutive cards in one suit (Ace, 2, 3 of spades or 10, Jack, Queen, King of diamonds, etc.) – cards MUST be the same suit, and MUST be consecutive or in numbered order Keeping Score: ▪ At the end of each round, the player who goes out or wins the round gets one of their mild sexy favors – they choose which one ▪ The person who does not win the round has to give them that favor, as well as remove a piece of clothing ▪ Points are also added up – whatever cards are left in the “losers” hand, the points are added up and given to the winner ▪ The end of the game is determined by whoever gets to 100 points first, the winner gets their one major sexy favor ▪ Aces are worth 1 point, Jack, Queen, King are worth 10 points each, and the others are worth their own value (5 is five points, 10 is ten points, etc.) How to Play:▪ At the beginning of your turn you must draw one card, from either the discard pile or the stock pile.
You will try to create either sets or runs of 3 cards or more. When you have one, you may lay it down on the table in front of you, face-up. You may only lay down one set or run per turn. ▪ When you are done with your play, you must discard one card... ▪ The next person can then pick up the discarded card, or get a new one from the stock pile. They will then do the same and try to make a set or run to lay down, then discard one card. ▪ Once you have laid down a set or run, you are then able to lay down cards on the other person’s sets and runs, if you have cards that fit into theirs (they have a run of 8,9,10 of hearts, and you have the 7 of hearts or they have a set of three 5′s and you have the fourth 5, etc.) You can also continue laying down other sets and runs of your own. ▪ The round ends when the card you discard is your last one. You must be able to discard a card – you cannot lay them all down in sets and runs. ▪ When the round is done, the person left with cards adds up the score of those cards and the winner writes the number down on their score sheet. The winner then gets one of their 5 sexy favors, and the loser must remove a piece of clothing. ▪ Shuffle all of the cards, re-deal, and start another round. ▪ Play continues until someone reaches 100 points, then the winner (the one with 100 points) gets their major sexy favor. Rinse and repeat as many times as desired!


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