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Sassy World Latex Workout Waist Trainer

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Work Out Latex Waist Trainer
Presenting the faja or, as they are more commonly known, the work out waist trainer or gym sports latex waist cincher. This work out waist trainer will look great in the gym or wherever you chose to wear it. It can be worn anytime you are going to active, be it at the gym for an intense work out, or when you are just going for leisurely stroll. Let the work out waist trainer make sure you get maximum benefit from your activity.
The waist trainer, when wrapped around your mid section, creates a compressing effect in your core. This increases the perspiration at your mid section by stimulating thermal activity. It mobilizes your fat cells and allows toxins and impurities to leave the skin through perspiration. The work our waist trainer is made from natural latex rubber, which is then encased within an exterior cotton layer and an interior cotton lining. These three layers work together to maximize the impact of the waist trainer, while minimizing discomfort.
To ensure that the waist trainer sits firmly at your waist, there are four spiral steel bones stitched into the garment, any more than 4 bones makes the garment heavy and restricts activity. These steel bones prevent the garment from rolling up or moving around your waist. The bones are light flexible spiral steel bones that aid movement while reinforcing the garment.
There are three rows of hook and eye at the front that allow you to reduce the size of your work out waist cincher as the size of your waist reduces.
This work out waist trainer has the following features:
4 Flexible light spiral steel bones
Corset length at front 12″
Corset length at back 10.5″
3 Row hook & eye front closure
Exterior cloth layer is cotton
Interior layer is 100% natural latex rubber
Lined with 100% cotton
Designed to increase thermal activity
Designed to reduce your waist size


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