Dona by Jo Pheromone Perfume, 2oz
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Dona by Jo Pheromone Perfume, 2oz

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Infused with invigorating aphrodisiacs & pheromones, these seductive fragrances will entrance your lover and leave you feeling irresistible. Pheromone Perfume is an indulgent, long lasting scent infused with synthetic pheromones to boost desirability. No hormones or animal by-products were used in testing or production. It is available 3 fragrances Fashionably Late, Too Fabulous and After Midnight.

Pamper Collection: Seduction begins within. Release your inner siren as you treat yourself to luxurious bath products, alluring perfumes and more. You'll feel so good you'll want to be bad.

DONA by JO is an Aphrodisiac & Pheromone infused collection for women with products to entice, pamper and play.

To enhance desire, DONA products are infused with natural ingredients called aphrodisiacs. Found in certain foods and plants, aphrodisiacs have been used to stimulate passion since ancient times. Aphrodisiacs stir the libido, heighten arousal and intensify pleasure – your own and your lover’s!

Pheromones are the body’s seductive secret weapon. Pheromones are the natural chemicals we produce to appear attractive and irresistible. Odorless but powerful, everyone releases pheromones and subconsciously reacts to the pheromones released by others. DONA products are infused with safe, synthetic pheromones to boost your desirability in any situation



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