Body Boudoir Body Dew Pheromone Silky Body Oil
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Body Boudoir Body Dew Pheromone Silky Body Oil

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Body Boudoir's Body Dew Silky Frosted Cake is an oil formula that nourishes your body, leaving behind kiss-ably soft skin with a silky smooth feeling. It lingers on the surface of your skin, replenishing damaged areas through a blend of vitamins and natural oils, and the safe formula won't leave your feeling dry or irritated.
Body Dew oils also contain added pheromones, which send a powerful chemical signal to your admirers. You'll project an air of confidence, and when combined with the light, sweet aroma and the skin-friendly ingredients, it makes for an absolutely irresistible effect.

  • Soy based scented skin moisturizing and healing spray
  • Formulated with high grade body safe ingredients
  • Ultra smooth and slick to the touch
  • Infused with pheromones
  • Smell sensual and attract the opposite sex
  • Subtle frosted cake scent
  • Fortified with Vitamin E and Vitamin A
  • Skin healing and soothing properties
  • Ideal skin moisturizer for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Locks in hydration for healthier skin
  • Contains no parabens, sugars, or sulfates
  • Not tested on animals
  • Designed for external use
  • Not intended to be used as a personal lubricant
  • Great tattoo and skin conditioner
  • May damage latex, condoms, and sex toys
  • Perfect for use in the tub as an oil bath


  • Replenishes moisture to thirsty skin, leaving your body silky soft
  • Formulated with skin-rich oils & vitamins to sensualize skin
  • Infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal


Pear Berry

Provacative medley of sweet d'anjou pear and luscious summer berries.


Feelin Sassy

An intoxicating scent to invigorate your playful side. Vibrant bergamot flirts with feisty black pepper & lively lavender for an initial bloom of high spirited sensuality. Rosemary & a soft woodsy tone compliment this frisky, fragrant addiction



After bath or shower, prior to drying, gently mist onto damp skin and massage in for a pampering, revitalizing treat

Size: 8fl oz
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