Bijoux Kissable Massage Oil

Bijoux Kissable Massage Oil

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Exquisite chocolate massage oil with notes of selected citrus, ensuring a penetrating and invigorating massage. Share and enjoy the experience of chocolate ecstasy
The restorative power of strawberries and their intense spring fragrance are combined with the energy honey gives in this elixir that will provide you with the most desirable skin.


Bijoux Indiscrets Cosmetics products that have the “Kissable” label are perfect for kissing as they are made up of ingredients such as soybean oil, which is used in the massage oils, and cornstarch, used in the shimmering body powder, that are fit for consumption. Flavors and aromas have been added to these ingredients to make them appetizing and agreeable to the palate. Caresses and kisses never tasted this good before.


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